Liturgical Ministries 



Parish volunteers who warmly welcome parishioners and visitors as they enter the church building for Mass.  They pass out Worship Aids and at the end of Mass the weekly bulletin.

Music Ministry

Join together in song under the talented direction of Joseph Stella, our Director of Music.  The Music Ministry includes an Adult Choir and Handbell Choir.  The Adult Choir sings on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at the 11:00 am Mass.  The Handbell Choir plays during special liturgical events such as Christmas and Easter. Rehearsals are held in the church on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for handbells and Wednesday evenings at 7pm for the Adult Choir.  See Music Ministry Calendar.  New members are always welcome.


Volunteers who assist people to their seat if necessary. They also take up the collection and assist in passing out the weekly bulletin at the end of Mass.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls, chldren and teens, who assist the priest at the liturgy.  An altar Server has to have received First Communion. 

Senior Altar Servers

Men and women who assist at Mass and/or at Funeral Masses to enhance the worship of our faith community.  Any person age 18 to Senior Citizen is welcome. 


Readers who proclaim the Scriptures at Mass and other services.

Ministers of Holy Communion

Lay Ministers of Communion who serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and/or to the sick, homebound, and at times to the hospitalized.

Arts and Environment Group

The primary purpose of this group is to oversee the visual enhancement of the liturgy through interior and exterior design of the "worship space."


Parish Groups


Faith Formation

Ongoing formation in the Catholic Faith is offered to persons of all ages from chidlren to adults. 

RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation is the process in which young adults and adults are prepared for the Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Confirmaition, and Eucharist.  It is for those who have never been baptized or for Catholics who have not completed their sacraments.  Christians baptized in other faith communities who are considering becoming Catholic also take part in this process. 

Baptism Preparation

Parents and godparents are prepared for the upcoming celebration of baptism of an infant or a child.  The ongoing Catholic faith formation of the one to be baptized is also stressed. 

Eucharistic Adoration and Rosary

On Tuesdays at 6:30p.m. we meet in the chapel to pray the rosary in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.







Parish Groups (continued)


Cameroon Community

A Mass is celebrated at 1:00 pm on the Second Sunday of the month for the Cameroon Community.  In addition, the Cameroon Choir sings at the 11:00 am Mass on the first Sunday of every month.

 Filipino Community

The Filipino Choir sings at the 11:00 am Mass on the third Sunday of every month.


An AA group meets in the school building each Monday evening. 


Parish Finance Council

Advises the Priest/Administrator on financial matters of the parish.  Responsible for monitoring all income and expenses, and approving the annual budgets.

Collection Counters

Parish teams that count the funds collected at Mass each week.  Each group volunteers about once a month.

Flowers and Grounds

Volunteers who care for and beautify the grounds around the parish properties. 

The Concern Committee

The Concern Committe assists families at the time of a death in the use of the Family Room in the school building.  They help the family arrange a gathering after the Funeral Mass and/or burial.  They express the"concern" of the parsih for those in grief so that they are not alone or forgotten in their time of sorrow.

Scouting Programs

Ste. Anne Parish has sponsored Troop 83 and Pack 83 for many years.  Personal management, wilderness survival, safety, first aid, camping, citizenship and other skills that are essential for a wholesome relationship with God and community are learned.

500 Club

We sponsor a drawing on the Third Sunday of each month in the school building.  The proceeds are used to help defray parish expenses.

 Ste. Anne Annual Bazaar

Our annual Bazaar is a major fundraising event in the parish.  All parish organizers are asked to volunteer time and talent to make this event a success. Preparations begin in late Summer and continue until the late Fall event.  It brings the entire parish community into a unified and spirited work group.  We need your help.  Come and assist.





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